Your website will be developed on a Content Management System platform, which enables you to publish information directly to the internet without our intervention. As a ‘publisher’ of content to the internet, Cadiz Street (including Cadiz Web and Cadiz Mobile) expects you to exercise fair and reasonable editorial discretion in keeping with:

  • the Law and Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, with due regard to the rights and privileges of all its citizens,
  • the standards and provisions of the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa,
  • the prevailing and accepted ethical standards, religious, social and moral norms,
  • fair and acceptable business practice in keeping with good governance.

Unacceptable application

In particular the following is deemed unacceptable and inappropriate use of your website:

  • the publishing of information which may be inaccurate, misleading or offensive,
  • the publishing of information calculated to damage the dignity of any individual, group, business or association, both formal or informal,
  • the publishing of material restricted by copyright, patent or any form of confidentiality.
  • failing to ensure that the content on your website is updated to remain current and relevant,
  • failing to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that publishing authority, if delegated, is exercised within the provisions of this Acceptable Use Policy.


Website owners, administrators and publishers are expected to take every reasonable precaution to safeguard their passwords and access information to ensure that their website, or publishing platform, is not compromised or abused by any other party in such a manner as may be deemed to be in contravention of the provisions of the Acceptable Use Policy.


While we acknowledge that your website is your property and may be managed accordingly, as the provider of the mechanisms and platforms needed to host, maintain and support your website, we have the right to monitor how it is used in the public domain, in keeping with the provisions of the Acceptable Use Policy.


Should Cadiz Street at any time deem the content or application of your website to be in contravention of any aspect of the provisions of the Acceptable Use Policy, we reserve the right – with full indemnity – to remove the website from the public domain until such time as the necessary corrective action has been taken.

In such instances, we will immediately notify the website owner of the contravention and the actions required before the website may be restored to the public domain.


This Acceptable Use Policy forms part of our development contract and all of our website clients will be required to sign a hardcopy of this policy, confirming their understanding, agreement to and acceptance of the provisions contained herein.

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