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About Cadiz Street

Cadiz Street was founded in 2006 and has a highly skilled and experienced team. The business offers the full spectrum of marketing and communications services including writing, editing and design for print, web and social media.

Our design studio

We have an in-house graphic design studio and also do all website development on site. Our studio runs on Apple Mac and we use Adobe Creative software – undoubtedly the best in the industry.

Our design services include logo origination, the design of all forms of marketing collateral and branding. We also develop and implement online marketing plans to help you grow your business.

An experienced team

We have a core team of 4, based at our offices in Durbanville, Cape Town, and an external sales and marketing team, to whom we provide contracted development services.

If you’re in the marketing game and would like to expand your offering to include web design and development, please contact us to discuss the possibility of contracting to us your design and development services.

Our business differentiators

Our brand differentiators are Experience, Innovation and Excellence – these are incorporated into our brand identity. Our two partners have over 25 years of experience in all aspects of corporate communications and an additional 10 years each of experience with Cadiz Street.

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Best practice

We adhere to best-practice in terms of both website administration and management. Our customers are also expected to abide by our Acceptable Use Policy.

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The business

The business was incorporated as a Close Corporation in 2006 and continues to operate as such. Our BEE and Tax Clearance certificates are available on request.

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PAIA manual

We acknowledge the Promotion of Access to Information Act and have compiled a Company Manual or PAIA Guide in accordance with the provisions thereof.

Call us now on 021 975 4052 to open your doors to business 365 days a year!

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