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About Cadiz Street

Founded in 2006, Cadiz Street offers a full spectrum of marketing and communications services. These include writing, editing, PR and design for print, web and the social media.

As technology continues to change the communications landscape, we seek to stay on the cusp of development so that our work remains on trend.  We embrace innovation and always seek to deliver the best solutions ,so our clients can achieve their marketing goals.

Our design studio

Talented, creative designers operate in our graphic design studio. Our design services include website design, logo origination, the design of marketing collateral, newsletters, advertisements, annual reports, branding, signage and much more. Working in tandem with our copywriters, the final result is polished and effective.

Our business differentiators

Our highly skilled and experienced team is passionate about delivering the exceptional. We are always willing to go the extra mile to exceed client expectations, yet do so cost effectively and stay within our clients’ budgets. 

Furthermore, we live out our corporate values: Experience, Innovation and Excellence. These values are ingrained in our brand identity and are reflected through our approach. We love a creative challenge and take delight in delivering consistent high quality work that achieves the desired result.

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Best practice

We adhere to best-practice in terms of both website administration and management. Our customers are also expected to abide by our Acceptable Use Policy.

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The business

The business was incorporated as a Close Corporation in 2006 and continues to operate as such. Our BBBEE  certificate is available on request.

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PAIA manual

We acknowledge the Promotion of Access to Information Act and have compiled a Company Manual or PAIA Guide in accordance with the provisions thereof.

Call us now on 082 850 3276 to open your doors to business 365 days a year!

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